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SOS Ayuda Legal  are professionals , who depending on your legal document preparation needs,  are here for you.  We are California registered and bonded legal document  (LDA), unlawful detainers assistants (UDA),  and registered process  servers  , who at a very afforable  cost, and per your request, can  assist you  the following practice areas:

  • Residential / Commercial Eviction (Tenants/Landlords)
  • Motions.
  • Small Claims under 10K.
  • Uncontested Divorce.  Child Custody & Visitation, Child/Spouse Support.  Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Cease and Desist Letters - Intimidation.
  • Civil Harassment - Restraining Order - TRO.
  • Mediation / Dispute Resolution  Alternative ( DRA).
  • Virtual Legal Assistance for Lawyers.
  • E-filing and Court Filing.
  • Registered Process Services.
  • Special Education Advocacy (IEP).
  • Self-determination - Independent Facilitator
  • Documents Translation.
  • Interpretation Services  (IEP, Immigration interviews, Medical, commuunity meetings, etc).

Our commitment is provided to our self-represented customers, with legal services based on quality, results-oriented outcomes, ethical, timeliness, and affordable,  to maintain our high customer service standards. 

Our Main Services

          - Eviction & Mediation -                Residential / Commercial        Tenants & Landlords         

family packing in process of eviction

The unlawful detainer process, more commonly known as an eviction, is used when a landlord wants to remove tenants from a rental property. Only a sheriff can evict someone. Even if a tenant is months/years behind on rent, the landlord cannot evict the tenant, lock up doors, or get rid of his belongings. The landlord must obtain a court order for the bailiff to evict the tenant.

Please, understand the eviction process and read the Law.

Landlord:  Find out your city's Rent Stabilization and Just Couse Ordinance, before you start an eviction process.          Tenants:  Do the same, to know that the landlord is following the laws:  State, County, and your City.

How can we assist you?

Tenants: We can help you by responding to an Eviction Notice or a Summons from your landlord. Do not wait until the last day to submit a response.

Landlord: California landlords must follow strict procedures for evicting a tenant. We are here to accompany you through this process step by step to secure a default judgment or an acceptable stipulation.

Eviction process option:

1. Mediation: Where both parties work together to reach an agreement outside of court. A stipulation for sentencing is generated as a settlement agreement that is filed or may be filed with the court. The stipulation for the entry of the judgment usually states that the landlord will not request the entry of the judgment unless the tenant breaches certain conditions specified in the stipulation.

2. Litigation: A contested action where a judge can make the final decision. To properly evict a tenant, you need to take the legal route and file a lawsuit for unlawful detainer.

If you can not afford an attorney's cost and as a landlord need to file a Complaint with the Court, or you are a tenant responding to a Court Summons, or filing a motion, please contact us.

                 EVICTION NOTICE                 Prepare and Serve

eviction mediation paperwork and landlord tenant law on desk

 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

3-Day Notice to Pay Utilities or Quit

3-Day Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit

3-Day Notice to Quit

 30-Day Notice to Vacate

 60-day notice to Vacate

 90-day notice to Vacate

 120-Day Notice to Vacate

 5-Day Squatter Notice

 Residential  - Get Rental Deposit Back !    It is California's Law - Up to $10K


A security deposit (or damage deposit) is money paid to a landlord to ensure that a rented property will be kept in good condition. It can be used by the landlord to pay for any damages caused by a tenant.

Some landlords are notorious for keeping a portion or the total amount of rental security deposits to cover the costs of repairs and outstanding rent, etc.  Most rental leases stated what a tenant must do to get a full refund of their security deposit.  SOS Ayuda Legal suggests the steps you should take to get your money back at the end of your lease.

What to do?

  • Know the  California Code about Security for a Rental Agreement for Residential Property
  • Initial Inspection before moving out.
  • Documents the Inspection ( witness, video, photos, etc)
  • Both parties sign and date the inspection final checklist.
  • Share an address to send the security deposit  (PO Box, or let them know that you file a forward address with the Postal Office. , etc)

If a tenant sues in small claims court, they can request the court order to return the security deposit plus additional damages of up to two times the original security deposit amount if they believe their landlord did not return the security deposit in bad faith.  Read more 

- Eviction- Legal Motions


Motions allow tenants to avoid eviction, while the agreement orders enable landlords and tenants to work through an arrangement before a final eviction. If the tenant still doesn't get the decision they want, they can then submit an appeal. (more info)

Motion to Quash: It challenges improper service. This is the time when you take over control of the UD case. Just by filing it, the tenant can add a minimum of 18 days to your time of possession.     If the tenant wins, the landlord has to re-serve the Summons and Complaint. If the landlord wins, the tenant will have to file an Answer to the Complaint right away.

 Demurrer: It is filed by the tenant to say the Complaint doesn’t include all the facts or legal requirements to prove they should be evicted. A Demurrer can delay the case by a few weeks, and if the tenant wins, the landlord might have to start the case all over or even have to give the tenant a new Notice.

Motion to Strike: It is used when a complaint requests relief or damages that are not supported by the allegations of the complaint or it is not verified as required by law.

Ask the Judge for more time to move out

 STAY OF EXECUTION   - Temporary Stay of Execution

If you lose your eviction case, you need to move out (at the latest) 5 days after the sheriff posts a Notice to Vacate on your door. If you need more time to move, you can ask the court for a stay of execution. You will need to show the court that you have a good reason for needing more time.

SOS Ayuda Legal can assist you, per your request, in creating a Stay of Execution to be submitted to the judge. A Stay of Execution.  Go to the Court site for information

 Can I Vacate (“Cancel”) the Judgment Against Me?

Motion to Set Aside a Judgment  

You must show that something beyond your control prevented you from filing a timely Answer to the  Summons and Complaint or something beyond your control prevented you from attending your trial. Under CCP § 473(b), the court may set aside a default and default judgment if the defendant asking for the set aside presents enough evidence to the court to demonstrate that the default was entered by inadvertence, mistake, surprise, or excusable neglect.

SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC can assist you, per your request, with the completion of these legal documents. 

  Small Claims under 10K - Rental Debt - Security Deposit


If you are involved in, or may potentially become involved in, a small claims court action, we might be able to help.

Small claims courts are courts of limited (under K10  claims) jurisdiction that hears civil cases between private litigants.  A small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively (a forum designed to hear cases without the presence of an attorney).   Plaintiff's Claim for Small Claims Court for the COVID-19 Rental Debt in English and Spanish

California's Statute of Limitations on Debt

The statute of limitations on debt in California is four years, as stated in the state’s Code of Civil Procedure § 337,

  • Tenant own  you rental money and did not pay it after moving?                                                               
  • Landlord did not return the deposit after the 21 days according to California law ?

Small Claims Process options:

1. Mediation: Where both parties work together to reach an agreement outside the court.

2. Litigation: A contested action where a judge may make the final decision.

If you need our assistance to file a case in a Small Claim Court , please   contact US

 Civil Harassment - Restraining Order & TRO


Whether you or a loved one (Senior, man, child/teen, woman, transgender, etc) need to secure a civil harassment protective order against another party or someone else has filed for a civil harassment order against you, you need to get legal advice. If you can not afford a lawyer, SOS Ayuda Legal is here to assist, per your request, in completing the required Court forms.

Where bullying can occur?

Your school  -   Your workplace  -  Your church  -  A family member -  Your neighborhood  -  Your landlord - Your medical facility - etc.

Definitions                                                               Harassment:‘ Unwanted conduct that violates people’s dignity or creates an intimidating hostile,  degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment."   

Bullying:   "Offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behavior, abuse or misuse of power through means intended to undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the recipient."

In California, it is unlawful  for a landlord to intimidate tenants, read more about it 

Civil harassment process option:

  1. MediationWhere both parties work together to reach an agreement (Stipulation) outside the court.
  2. Litigation: A contested action where a judge may make the final decision.

If you cannot afford a lawyer and need assistance with your Civil harassment process, contact us.

Cease and Desist Letter

CEASE AND DESITI LETTRES to Legal Information Institute (LII)  from Cornell Law School, a cease and desist letter is a cautionary letter sent to an alleged wrongdoer describing the alleged misconduct and demanding that the alleged misconduct be stopped.   A cease and desist letter provides notice that legal action may and will be taken if the conduct continues.

LII stated that such letters are often sent to stop alleged or actual infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents.  A cease-and-desist letter may also be used to warn the wrongdoer against harassment, slander,  libel, as well as contractual violations. Even though a cease-and-desist letter is a non-binding letter and does not have a legal effect, it is primarily sent to the wrongdoer so that it may later be used as evidence in litigation against the wrongdoer if the alleged misconduct is not stopped.  

Anyone can send a cease and desist letter, such as a tenant to a landlord who may be threatening and intimidating with eviction.  An attorney does not have to be involved. However, an attorney can advise complainants on whether their rights have been violated and if they have legal and meritorious rights to send a cease and desist letter.  An attaornet need to be involved if you are requestion a Cease and Desist Order.

For more information about Cease and Desist go to UPCOUNSEL

Please, contact us for more information

- Uncontested  Divorce - Mediation  or  Litigation 


A Divorce in Mutual Agreement

 A divorce can be one of the most difficult events in a person's life.  However,  when both agree to get a divorce, the next step is to accomplish it right.   If both act in good faith mediation /Pro Se divorce can save both a lot of time and money in legal fees.

Wat is an uncontested divorce?
An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the couple has resolved and agreed about all major issues, including:

Child custody
Visitation or parenting time
Child support
Spousal support
Division of property
How debt will be divided

An uncontested divorce offers benefits to couples that contested divorces do not. In some states, if you agree to all the terms of your divorce, you may never have to step inside a courtroom. In other states, you still have to go to court, but the uncontested divorce procedure in most states is much quicker than in a contested divorce.

SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC expertise and organizational skills will benefit both parties in maintaining the sense of order and fairness that you both hope for.   We are here to facilitate the process, step by step, so both can reach a fair, amicable, and equitable settlement.

Whether you both decide on mediation or Pro Se divorce, you can reduce stress by following the sequence of the court-required forms to complete the process.

Contact us to walk you through the divorce process of your choice mediation or litigation. effectively, and affordably.

Interpretation  & Document Translation Services  


Interpretation Services  

SOS Ayuda Legal provides comprehensive and customized language solutions ( Spanish) , on-site or  video remote, to enable precise global communication for your personal needs, industry-specific requirements, and compliance.

If you need interpretation services in other languages, we partner with a leading local company that provides translation in more than 40 languages.

Documents Translation

The process of document translation is more than just changing words.

It involves a systematic understanding of both the text and subject matter and the corresponding ability to convey the meaning accurately and completely in the requested language. With this in mind, we collaborate with other professional translators and language experts to deliver the highest possible quality of document translation services.

SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC is the effective and fast way to professionally translate documents, manuals, websites, software, and more, according to your schedule and requirements, in over 100 languages and more than 30 areas of expertise.  As we grow in the field, we are aiming to satisfy hundreds of clients and successful projects. 

Virtual Paralegal Services for Lawyers

Lawler meeting with paralegal professional

We provide on-demand paralegal services  to law firms and corporations who may need support on one or ongoing projects in the following areas of practice:

Mediation- Dispute Resolution 

Education Law

Family Law

Immigration Law

Tenant / Landlord Law

Legal Forms Preparation

SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC  allows law firms and companies to improve productivity by providing variable-cost paralegal support. You are not hiring a single paralegal, you are hiring a team of experienced professionals ready to assist with your project needs.

Certified Mediators and Dispute Resolution Professionals since 2008



What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured negotiation process in which an independent and neutral person, known as a mediator, assists the parties in identifying, evaluating options, and negotiating an agreement to resolve their dispute. (See California  Rule 3.857. Quality of mediation process) Mediation is an alternative to a judge imposing a decision on the parties.  Courts encourage mediation and, although the process is voluntary,  it’s important to know that refusing a request to mediate may weaken your position if the case is taken before a judge later.

The mediator does not have to be an attorney.   The process is informal and flexible, attorneys are not necessary. No formal rules of evidence or witnesses.  It is 100% confidential.

 What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Effective – Mediation has grown in popularity because it has a high settlement rate.
  • Efficient – Disputes can be resolved faster than going to court. Statistics indicate that more than 70% of mediation cases settle either on the day or shortly thereafter.
  • Cost-effective – Resolving a dispute through mediation is much less expensive than going to court.
  • Confidential – Mediation allows the dispute to remain private and can also be less disruptive to a business or a family.
  • Flexible – Parties work with a specialist mediator to explore the dispute and all the possible solutions together.
  • Less formal than going to court – Fewer people are involved in mediation than when you go to court.
  • Rewarding – A mediator’s role is to assist communication between the parties, not to make or impose any decisions; The involved parties control the outcome and work together to come to a win/win agreement.
  • Forward-looking – Working together in mediation can benefit professional relationships and build a strong foundation for any future negotiations.
  • Can result in a legally binding agreement – Although the process of mediation is not legally binding, it can result in a legally binding settlement document that should have the same strength as a court order.

Stipulation Judgment

A stipulated judgment which constitutes a formal legal acknowledgment and agreement  between oposing  parties before  or during  hearing or trial.    Stipulations are frequently made to dictate procedural matters in a way that is mutually beneficial for both parties.   Furthermore, in a judicial proceeding, a stipulation is binding without consideration.  Once you enter into this voluntary agreement, the court may consider it a binding contract you cannot revoke.

Mediation Brief

The mediation brief is an opportunity to tell the client’s story in a compelling and persuasive manner to convince the opposing parties of the merits of the settlement.    A well-written and documented brief will assist in achieving a successful mediation.

We are very careful in the approach we use since the goal is a settlement,  and to demonstrate that our client has a good, and strong case.  A good confidential mediation statement can be a roadmap to help the mediator help you obtain a successful result.

 Our mediation practice areas:

 Landlord-Tenant          Special Education          Divorce          Civil Harassment          Small Claims   

NOTE:  Both parties have to agree in writing to mediate, to start any process.

Our Special Education Services

Self-Determination - PC Plan & Independent Facilitator

sports- self determination

It Is Your Future ? IT IS YOUR RIGHT

Self-Determination is based on values of human rights, interdependence, choice, and social inclusion. You direct your own services and support.  We are here to help you to walk through the process and give you the key to control it 100%.

The Self-Determination Program is a creative type of program that is intended to put you in charge of your services and support.

  • You have more control and responsibility.
  • You find services and supports that fit your life.
  • You decide how money is spent to meet your goals.

Your Personal-Centered Plan (PCP) is the foundation for your child's success and we are your Independent Facilitator with the expertise to initiate the process and train you to have control.

SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC is in connection with Yo Domino Mi IEP, which is an official and certified provider of Personal-Centered Plan (PCP) and Independent Facilitator services in California.

Yo Domino Mi IEP Charlas via Zoom



Special Education
Advocacy & Mediation

Teacher meeting with parent and child

Empowering Families to Success

The mission statement of SOS Ayuda Legal, LLC is to help parents across Southern California with their special needs child to secure appropriate quality special education services (FAPE), according to Child Find, IDEA, NCLB, RULA, and ADA regulations.

Our goal is to meet your child’s unique needs to prepare him/her for a happy, productive, independent life, to the greatest degree possible.

We understand that every child and situation is unique.  We are here to support families of children with disabilities in our community, especially during times of uncertainty.

To successfully walk the IEP system, the secret is knowledge. We will train you to walk you through the step-by-step process, so you can have control of the outcomes.

Contact us today even if your IEP meeting is tomorrow.  Remember...

                You Know Your Child 100%!

Supportive Services

At SOS Ayuda Legal we believe in the importance of providing an effective and complete line of services to our clients, especially during these present times, where time optimization, reduced costs, and quality of services are as important as the outcomes.  As a result, we have built a strong network of alliances with some leading companies to support you in effectively completing your legal and non-legal requirements. The following businesses are aligned with SOS Ayuda Legal 's core values of excellent service and trust.                                                          

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