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Does your firm have too much work but not enough hours available?

Why SOS Ayuda Legal?

We provide expert paralegal services and assistance in a variety of legal areas including  Education Law, Family Law,  Immigration Law,  Tenant / Landlord Law, and Criminal Law (Element of Intent)  Case theory.   Whether your firm needs specific expertise brought in, such as a case theory, or your legal department just needs help catching up, we can provide you with professional, trained paralegal support to succeed. 

We believe in:

  • Prioritizing.
  • Thinking Ahead.
  • Bilingual communication - Spanish.
  • Writing.
  • Cultural  diversity.
  • Strong attention to detail.


  • Researching.
  • Technology.
  • Organization/Flexibility.
  • Teamwork.
  • Psychic abilities.
  • Willingness to learn.

Areas of Practice 

Mediation – Dispute Resolution

As mediators, we are a neutral third party to help disputants to come to a consensus on their own. Rather than imposing a solution, we as professional mediators, work with the conflicting sides to explore the interests underlying their positions. The key is for the parties to understand and focus on the important issues needed to reach a resolution.

We are certified and experienced mediators in the areas of:

  • Education Law  
  • Family Law
  • Tenant / Landlord Law

Education Law

We have over 25 years of experience in the fields of special education, ABA, mediation, advocacy, that will allow us to successfully assist you to advocate for the clients that you represent in:

  • Meeting their educational needs.
  • Protecting their constitutional rights, and
  • Ensuring that any individual with disabilities are accommodated within the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

Family Law

One of our main passion is family law practice. We will support your practice on:

  • Intake Process -English and Spanish -
  • Child Custody. Visitation
  • Claim forms completion
  • Separation
  • Documents translation/ Interpretation Services.
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Alimony/ Maintenance and Settlements
  • Discovery – Request for production. Answers
  • Child Support
  • Corresponding with Clients (Remote-Telephonic -On-Site).

Immigration Law

We will work, under your supervision, in the process of helping your clients through the citizenship, residency, or asylum process or in deportation proceedings.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intakes.
  • Obtaining foreign documents.
  • Document’s Translation/ Interpretation.
  • Complete initial applications.
  • Gathering accurate facts/events.
  • Researching.
  • Summarizing cases.
  • Maintaining public access files.
  • Updating clients on progress, answering their questions, or preparing paperwork.

Tenant & Landlord Law  - Eviction -

This area of my practice focuses on residential real estate. Landlord-Tenant law involves eviction proceedings in southern California, and also the preparation of various documents and notices that can often help to mitigate the potential for litigations.  

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Go through case files to determine the details regarding property/tenant eviction issues.
  •  Obtain information and documentation regarding timely completion of eviction processes.
  • Coordinate with brokers to determine and verify occupancy information, required to complete paperwork.  
  • Draft show-cause hearing documents, and prepare stipulations, and affidavits, for internal and external signatures.
  • Draft personal property notices, and follow up with local counsels regarding hearings and trials.
  • Prepare affidavits and other documents, and gather and analyze research data such as statutes and legal articles.
  • Prepare for trials by organizing exhibits, and filing pleadings with court clerks, in an accurate and timely manner. 
  • Handle screening, intake, provision of technical, and investigative support, and provide legal advice as required.

Case Theory 

A “theory” sounds like it is made up, but you, as an attorney need to believe in what you are arguing to a judge or jury as the facts of the case to win.  SOS Ayuda Legal can provide a case theory for your clients as detailed, coherent, and accurate as possible to the real facts.  And of course, it must be consistent with the law.

  • Factual Narrative
  • Identifying the key facts.
  • Motives.
  • Law
  • Emotions
  • Weaknesses
  • Opponent’s case.
  • Short summary

Criminal Law  - Element of Intent-

The mental element in the commission of criminal acts--intent- is  crucial in criminal law. The USA Department of Justice defines intent as the resolve or determination with which a person acts to commit a crime. It listed three types of criminal intent exist: (1) general intent, which is presumed from the act of commission (such as speeding); (2) specific intent, which requires preplanning and presdisposition (such as burglary); and (3) constructive intent, the unintentional results of an act (such as a pedestrian death resulting from the actions of a negligent driver). 

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Strong Observation skills
  • Behavior analysis and management skills.
  • Investigative and research skills.
  • Intuition.
  • Lack of emotions.
  • Detailed analytical skills and logic
  • To avoid overreliance on information and analysis to avoid inappropriate prioritization, mismanagement of resources, and ultimately delay in solving a case.

Our Paralegal Service Plans

SOS Ayuda Legal services can be part of your plan. We're here for as much or as little as you need us. We're highly trained and experienced fast responders who can jump in quickly without requiring a lot of attorney time to get up to speed.

You may be calling us for:

  • Temporary assistance for staff vacation or medical leaves

  • Sudden surges in workload

  • Special projects that never seem to move up the ‘to do’ list

  • Ongoing paralegal support

VPS Service Plans



  • Monthly Plan
  • 6 hours



  • Monthly Plan
  • 10 Hours



  • Monthly Plan
  • 15 Hours



  • Monthly Plan
  • 30 Hours

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